What Women’s Fertility Center Offers

  • One physician providing you with medical care – Dr. Miller
  • Staff will ensure a relaxed and warm atmosphere
  • Records are kept electronically, ensuring that your medical file is readily accessible
  • Office hours are by appointment so that there is minimal to no waiting time to be seen and plenty of time to talk to the doctor

From the basic to the most complex medical issue, the team at Women’s Fertility Center Offers various treatments to help you.

What the Doctor offers

  • nora_white-coat_bwDr. Miller provides compassionate, personalized care by working one-on-one with you
  • Dr. Miller will patiently listen to you and help you to achieve your goals
  • All clinical appointments (office consultations, ultrasound exams and management strategies) are with Dr. Miller
  • Dr. Miller takes the time to educate each of her patients about the options available so that the patient can make an informed decision about which treatment is right for her
  • The doctor is easily reachable by phone and email at DrNoraMiller@womensfertilitycenter.com