Fertility treatments are proven to help a couple conceive more quickly and easily.

You would never tell someone with high blood pressure just to relax so that her blood pressure will normalize. Similarly, infertility treatment helps a couple achieve a pregnancy more quickly and easily.

There are some couples who will eventually conceive on their own, but do you really want to wait another year (or two or three) to have a baby?  Not only will the couple feel frustrated, but also the female partner is getting older in the meantime.  This may prevent the option of having another child later on.

In other situations fertility treatment is necessary to conceive.  If a woman’s fallopian tubes are both blocked from a pelvic infection or a tubal ligation, then without fertility treatment, she will not be able to conceive.  Similarly, if a man has a very low sperm count or motility, it is very unlikely that he will be able to father a child.  Whereas, with treatment these problems are addressed so that a couple can achieve their dreams of having a biological family.